Gal Gadot has passed on a role as Esther in the upcoming Ben-Hur remake. The actress was unable to find time in her work schedule due to a prior commitment to play Wonder Woman for the foreseeable future… and past. The Amazon princess will have her story spread across the ages similar to the Captain America movies according to Bleeding Cool.

Wonder Woman 300 Earth 1 Wonder Woman Earth 2 Wonder Woman age half rate
Wonder Woman 300 Earth 1 Wonder Woman Earth 2 Wonder Woman Steve TrevorThe Wonder Woman movie trilogy will be set in the 1920s, 1940s and finally the modern day in a Justice League of America movie.

This means Wonder Woman will be well over 100 years old but without the benefit of being preserved in ice like the super soldier. Which raises the question: will Wonder Woman need a wonder bra!?

Wonder Woman ages at about half the rate of mere mortals as seen in Wonder Woman #300. Silver Age Wonder Woman travels to Earth 2 and encounters Golden Age Wonder Woman and her husband Steve Trevor, who is well into his 60s. The years have been kinder to Earth 2 Wonder Wonder but she is still showing signs of aging like gray hair. She appears even older in her final appearance in Infinite Crisis #5.

Wonder Woman 300 Earth 1 Wonder Woman Earth 2 Wonder Woman

Of course you don’t need to be the world’s greatest detective to realize DC Entertainment isn’t going to age their leading lady. Wonder Woman will be introduced in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which will use her origin from the New 52 reboot. The Queen of the Amazons Hippolyte reveals Zeus is Diana’s father. Hippolyte explains she lied about molding her daughter from clay to protect her from Zeus’ jealous wife Hera. As a demigoddess, Diana will most likely no longer age but the same cannot be said for Trevor. That might not be a problem either. In the current continuity, Wonder Woman dumps Trevor for Superman. The altered timeline erases Booster Gold, the greatest hero you’ve never heard of!

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice release date: March 25, 2016.
Wonder Woman release date: June 23, 2017.

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