SNL Dudleys sitcom Woody Harrelson Kenan Thompson Uzo Aduba

Saturday Night Live host Woody Harrelson stars in a parody of politically correct sitcoms. CBS’ The Dudleys is initially a generic sitcom featuring Beck Bennett and Kate McKinnon as a generic white family with two adorable girls. The network continually recasts the characters to make the show more diverse. Harrelson and Kenan Thompson are cast as a gay couple and Uzo Aduba (Orange Is the New Black) as their child.

Inexplicably, not everyone loves the changes. The network brings back the old show after receiving some old-fashioned letter fan mail from old-fashioned racist white people.

The best part about this skit is how it addresses the reluctance to show intimacy between gay characters. The new Fox series Gotham recently revealed Barbara Kean had a lesbian relationship before James Gordan but we never witness any intimacy there either since their relationship comes out after the fact. Even if they do hook up again it’s not as taboo as men making out as demonstrated by the laughs Harrelson received.