Andy Richter eaten alive by snake on Conan

Late night host Conan O’Brien opened last night’s monologue with a commentary on Discovery channel’s new special about a man Eaten Alive by anaconda on purpose! Conan initially touted the sensationalism as a giant snake descended over Andy Richter. The snake ascended in retreat when Conan began to consider the possibility of such a stunt damaging the brand of the network. Ultimately, the host decided pandering was worth it so the snake swallowed Andy.

Andy Richter eaten alive by snake on Conan fake snake

Later in the show, the comic duo engaged in some typical self-deprecating humor. They pointed out how fake the snake looked. Richter compared it to a “construction trash shoot” while Conan commented on its dead eyes.

“Oh no, that’s me,” replied his weary sidekick.