Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three 14 Lois Lane Superman baby Lara Lane-Kent

Lois Lane and her unborn child were accidentally killed by Superman after he was drugged by the Joker but the super family is reunited in “For the Man Who’s Lost Everything” a two-part story concluded in Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three #14. The title is a play on the Superman Annual #11 story “For the Man Who Has Everything” in which Mongul traps Superman in dream where Krypton never exploded.

Superman is grief stricken and vows that no one suffer the same loss. He embarks on imposing a new world order. Batman finally manages to stop his super friend by putting him into a magically induced coma. Superman dreams Batman kills Joker and his daughter Lara Lane-Kent grows up to be Supergirl.

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three 14 Lois Lane Superman daughter Lara Lane-Kent

Superman rejoices not only in having a family but also in having a fellow Kryptonian. He trains his daughter to use her powers in a montage that indicates the fleeting nature of the dream.

Supergirl observes the Earth from space and tells her father the end is near unless they do something to stop it. Superman suggests they use their superpowers the enforce peace but Lara discounts the idea as that of “B-grade super villains.”

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three 14 Lois Lane Superman daughter Supergirl Lara Lane-Kent
Lara makes her case to the United Nations. She explains that she doesn’t want to see Earth suffer the same fate as Krypton. The speech is well-received except by Bruce Wayne. He calls it preachy but he’s corrected by his wife, Secretary General Wonder Woman. President Lois Lane tells her to get to work on making her daughter’s dream become reality.

The story concludes with Superman hearing voices trying to wake him up and wishing that he had more time. The cover for the next chapter reveals that not only does he wake up but so does Wonder Woman, who was similarly dealt with to prevent her from joining forces with the despotic superhero. She has second thoughts when she discovers Superman has teamed up with the supervillain Sinestro and the Yellow Lanterns.