Nicki Minaj breasts on SNL Saturday Night Live

Nicki Minaj is known for her butt; however, it was all about her cleavage on Saturday Night Live. The musical guest made appearances in multiple skits. She appeared alongside SNL host James Franco as the brain of a boy (Pete Davidson) unable to remember anything new because his mind was filled with junk namely Nicki’s junk. While other memories were easy forget, the boy just couldn’t get the song “Anaconda” out of his head. She couldn’t figure out why he watched the music video so many times but the reason becomes abundantly clear when she sashays away in tights. Her butt wasn’t all that was sticking out. Nick wore a spiked bra that definitely looked worth the risk.

Nicki Minaj breasts SNL Saturday Night Live

In a star studded version of the nativity scene by MTV, Nicki portrayed the Virgin Mary with Justin Bieber (Kate McKinnon) as Joseph and Kayne West (Jay Pharoah) as Jesus. The real miracle is that a handful of thin straps managed hold Nicki’s negligee together without a wardrobe malfunction.

Nicki Minaj breasts SNL Saturday Night Live weekend update
Sometimes a pencil is NOT just a pencil.

Nicki also portrayed Kim Kardashian complete with valley girl accent for Weekend Update with anchor Colin Jost. She addressed the Kim Kardashian nude photos that appeared in Paper magazine. Kim explained the photos have been taken out of context because the magazine had removed the gynecologist and oil slick backgrounds. Totally in context was Colin stroking his pencil.