Paul Rosolie suits up to be Eaten Alive by snake Discovery Channel staring contest

Find out firsthand what it’s like to be Eaten Alive. Naturalist Paul Rosolie will be swallowed by a green anaconda for a new special airing on the Discovery Channel. Rosolie has been called “the Hitler of animals” but his intent is to save them.

“They’re a misunderstood species,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “People hunt them and kill them. And I said I want to do something that’s going to grab people by the eyeballs. So I wanted to do something that would sort of shock people and force a dialogue about what’s going on here — and it’s working.”

It’s not animal cruelty insists Rosolie. He explains that anacondas have been known to eat people and much larger animals such as crocodiles. However, this particular snake wasn’t a man-eater by nature. Even after covering himself in pig’s blood, it wouldn’t take the bait until antagonized.

Paul Rosolie suits up to be Eaten Alive by snake Discovery Channel

Rosolie wore a special snake-proof suit that had more layers than Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story.

Snake-proof suit layers:

– Bio metric vest with Bluetooth health monitor
– Cool vesting
– Tychem anti-acid suit
– Chainmail
– Constriction armor
– Breath & communication mask
– Composite helmet
– Neoprene fleshy layer

The only layer that worried Rosolie was the Tychem anti-acid suit. He noted that he’s seen half-eaten animals with their skin falling off. The suit designers assured him that it’s been tested against 127 chemicals for up to 8 hours.

Rosolie isn’t allowed to give any inside details but he did reveal that has wasn’t be fully consumed. For the sake of the snake and himself they decided to go no farther than waist deep. Rosolie said he got the worst of the exchange and the snake is no worse for wear.

Eaten Alive premieres Dec 7, Sunday 9PM on Discovery Channel.

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