SNL Office Hobbit Martin Freeman Bobby Moynihan Taran Killam

Saturday Night Live host and star of the Hobbit Martin Freeman introduced himself to the audience by listing some of his lesser known roles in British series like The Office. The role was re-imagined as Bilbo in “The Office: Middle Earth.” This was clearly a parody of the British version as evident by the BBC logo altered to JRR in reference to J. R. R. Tolkien, creator of the Hobbit.

Bobby Moynihan portrays Gandalf as the boss who is desperate to be friends with his employees. He tells racist jokes about orcs and even does the iconic Office dance. Gollum (Taran Killam) loves him but also despises him. Killam kills this role without the aid of CG. His pale, hairy chest may have been scarier than the real thing. He even nailed the high-pitched voice. Gollum is constantly harassed by his coworkers Legolas (Kyle Mooney), Tauriel (Kate McKinnon) and Bilbo (Freeman), who admittedly has taken a step back since saving Middle Earth.

“So the Brave Hobbit Bilbo Baggins now works at a paper company, selling paper reams over the phone,” he explains. “And I drive a Jetta.”