SNL Sump'n Claus Christmas song black Santa Kenan Thompson Bobby Moynihan Aidy Bryant

Last Christmas, Saturday Night Live introduced black Santa but it turns he’s not the real Santa… he’s better! White Santa (Bobby Moynihan) only gives gifts to good little boys and girls but Sump’n Claus (Kenan Thompson) doesn’t care if you’re naughty or nice.

“Everybody’s gettin’ sump’n” he says while handing out cash.

Even Mrs. Claus (Aidy Bryant) prefers coal in her chimney. Sump’n Claus started off as one of Santa’s helpers. He helped himself to his wife and gave her a little sump’n sump’n.

SNL Martin Freeman dancing Sump'n black Santa

SNL host Martin Freeman (Hobbit) plays a disgruntled worker who goes postal after getting fired from his job. Sump’n Claus still pays him a visit. Not even Freeman’s bad dancing can stop the money train.

Other bad celebrities gettin’ sump’n include Justin Bieber, Paula Deen, Donald Sterling, Suge Knight and Kevin Bacon, who is just his homie explains Sump’n Claus.