funny commercial disclaimers 2014 Duralast brakes commercial UFC fighter Chuck Liddell The Iceman throws rhino

L7 World presents its fourth annual* Best Commercial Disclaimers list, celebrating absurd commercials featuring superfluous fine print at the bottom of the screen warning “do not attempt” to use the product as shown. Not that you could or would ever want to replicate any of these stunts.

*Top 65 commercial disclaimers (beginning of time – 2011)
*Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2012
*Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2013

Warning: The following videos may cause you to question the intelligence of your fellow man.

Duralast Brakes Commercial: UFC fighter Chuck Liddell AKA “The Iceman” throws a rhino. “Fictionalization. Do not attempt. Duh! No rhinos were harmed.” Then he drives drives through an exploded jet. “Stunt driver. Closed course.”

Liddell knocks out bull with Durlast brakes. “Fictionalized. Do not attempt. Duh! No bulls were harmed.” Then he drives off cliff but the car stops and hovers over the ground. “Fictionalization. Closed course. Do not attempt.”

Fiat Commercial: Godzilla eats car and passengers. He throws up the car intact and it drives away. “Didn’t actually happen.”

Snickers Commercial: Godzilla rides ATV with his bros. “Do not attempt.”

Priceline Commercial: The Priceline Negotiator (William Shatner) scale a skyscraper to meet the boyfriend of his daughter (Kaley Cuoco) and throws him out the window. “Dating the Negotiator’s daughter is dangerous. Do not attempt.”

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial: Cowboy kid rides a dog like a horse. “Do not attempt.”

Chevrolet Camaro Commercial: Transformers clip shows Bumblebee jumping from a skyscraper. “Dramatization. Do not attempt.”

Quirky Commercial: CEO is tied to the front of a moving train. “Do not attempt.”

Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2014