Dodge Dart Commercial: Jake Johnson builds a birdhouse over the car of his neighbor, Craig Robinson. “Do not attempt.”

Hyundai Elantra Commercial: Johnny Galecki drives on exploding road. “Professional driver. Closed road. Do not attempt.” Richard Lewis appears in the back seat and they jump through flaming hoops over multiple buses. “Fantasy Sequence. Do not attempt. Cars can’t jump over buses.”

Hyundai Sonata Commercial: Father pretends daughter is driving in parking lot. “Professional driver on a closed course. Do not attempt.”

Hyundai Genesis Commercial: Stunt driver takes blind test drive with windows blacked out. Car sensors help him avoids road spikes, front end crash, blindspot vehicles and a gauntlet of 5,000 lb. shipping crates swing back and forth. “Hyundai insists that you do not, under any circumstances, attempt any of the following tests or attempt to drive a vehicle with the windows covered.”

Mazda Commercial: Stuntman sets himself on fire. “Professional stunt person. Do not attempt.”

Mercedes Benz Commercial: Woman drives her practically uncrashable Benz in a derby. “Extreme dramatization. Professional drivers on closed course. Do not attempt.”

Forza 2 Commercial: Race car drives through wall in an obvious CG scene. “Professional drivers. Closed course. Do not attempt.”

Nissan Rogue Commercial: Car drives in the running of the bulls. “Simulated image. Do not attempt.”

Nissan Commercial: Cars ride the half-pipe. “Fantasy. Simulated image. Do not attempt. Cars can’t snowboard.”

Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2014