Pringles Commercial: Demonstrations of all the way you can use the Pringles can such as making model rockets, dropping tennis balls from roof and launching water balloons. “Do not attempt.”

Vonage Commercial: Spokesman passes food from a moving vehicle. “Dramatization. Do not attempt.”

Audi Super Bowl Commercial: Man and woman breed their Doberman and Chihuahua to create Frankenstein dog called Doberhuahua, which chases a little boy on a tricycle. “Professional stunts. Do not attempt.”

H&M Commercial: David Beckham takes off his shirt and uses it for a zip line. “Do not attempt.” (Disclaimer not shown for online version)

Mountain Dew Commercial: Horse rail slides then man jumps off horse and lands back on it. “Professional stunt. Do not attempt.”

Smith & Forge Hard Cider Commercial: Blacksmith sets his arm on fire then blows it out. “Do not attempt.”

Chex Mix Commercial: Window washer jumps through skyscraper window. “Do not attempt. This glass is totally fake.” Window washer jumps back out. “Do not attempt. Again, fake.”

Sprint Commercial: Hamster ball used as bowling ball. “Do not attempt.”

Sprint Commercial: Irate man smashes his computer. “Do not attempt. You might get harmed or fired.”

Sprint Commercial: People literally cut their phone bill in half with swords, weed whackers and chainsaws. “Do not attempt.”

GreatCall Commercial: John Walsh BASE jumping from a skyscraper. “Dramatization. Do not attempt.” The disclaimer oddly appears only when he opens his parachute.

Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2014