Prilosec OTC Commercial: Larry the Cable Guy jumps throw a flaming hoop on a jet ski. “Do not attempt.”

E*TRADE Commercial: Kevin Spacey jumps off cliff wearing a flying squirrel suit. “Professional. Do not attempt.”

Droid Turbo Commercial: James Franco climbs out on a ledge of a building to grab a scarf. He falls in slow motion giving him time to use his phone to escape certain death. “Do not attempt.”

General Electric (GE) Commercial: Secret agent jumps from bridge onto train. “Profession stunts. Do not attempt.”

Campbells Chunky Soup Commercial: Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman hangs onto helicopter flown by Mama Sherman. “Do not attempt. Even with your mama’s permission.”

Ooma Commercial: Talking phone portrayed by Stephanie Courtney AKA Flo from Progressive Insurance. “Ooma doesn’t really talk like this. Duh.”

Dr Pepper Commercial: Scuba diver swims with shark. “Do not attempt.” Spanish version: “No intentar.”

VIZIO Ultra HD TV Commercial: TV quality is so impressive that family doesn’t notice dogs eating food off kitchen table and stove on fire. “Dramatization. Do not attempt. Fire safety is important.”

Congrats on making it though the list without intimating these stunts and getting yourself killed!