Charlotte McKinney naked Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial

Charlotte McKinney goes completely nude in a Super Bowl commercial for Carl’s Jr.’s new all-natural burger. Her curvacious body is obscured by sexually suggestive fruit including an actual pair of melons. The extended director’s cut reveals the burgers aren’t the only things that are all-natural.

Charlotte McKinney naked Carls Jr Super Bowl commercial

The blonde bombshell has distanced herself from fellow supermodel Kate Upton, who blew up after appearing in a Carl’s Jr. commercial for Super Bowl 2012.

“I wish the comparison would stop,” she told Fox NewsFOX411. “I’m my own person. I think we both have a different style of what we’re going to do. I hope it’s Charlotte McKinney and not the next Kate Upton.”

Charlotte McKinney naked beach

The rising star says she had difficulty getting signed by an agency so she decided to promote her herself on Instagram.

“Anything like new work I would just throw on there,” she explained. “I really made it more of a portfolio than just what I’m eating.”

The photos feature tasteful nudes and have garnered her 225k followers. McKinney has been turned down offers to pose nude for Playboy but said she considered doing it for “Vogue or something amazing” such as a Carl’s Jr. commercial apparently.