Jimmy Kimmel: Matt Damon apologizes for NFL Deflate Gate

Jimmy Kimmel usually ends each show by sarcastically apologizing to Matt Damon but the actor apologized to the host on Thursday. Steven Tyler, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were just some of the guest stars who took responsibility for the deflated footballs of the New England Patriots. Conspicuously, they all had New England accents but they insisted their actions were altruistic such as using the air to inflate the lungs of a dying child. Out of courtesy, they took only a little air from each ball. Damon asserted he acted alone.

“Do you know why you acted alone?” Kimmel asked. “Because nobody wants to act with you. Because you suck. That’s why you acted alone.”

An outtakes video shows the culprits showing their true colors and even suggesting that if the Patriots played with fully inflated footballs the game would have been more of shutout than it already was.