Conan O'Brien and Steven Yeun visit nude spa

The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun took Conan O’Brien to an authentic Korean Spa with authentic nude Koreans including Yeun. The receptionist insisted there be no sexual fraternization at the co-ed spa but Conan scoffed at the rules and became very intimate with the men!

The guys went from hugging each other for warmth in cold water to being fondled in the sauna by an elderly man while another man watched in excitement. The camaraderie ended during a painful full body scrub on pink plastic beds that Conan described as being used for “dolphin autopsies.” Yeun laughed as Conan’s freckles were literally scrubbed off. When they switched places, Conan yelled “Harder! Harder!”

None of the members recognized the men but that may change with the release of a traditional Korean song commemorating their trip.