Saturday Night Live Wanyes World Mike Myers Dana Carvey

Saturday Night Live alums Mike Myers and Dana Carvey celebrated the show’s 40th anniversary by reprising their roles as Wayne and Garth, the excellent hosts of the public access television program Wayne’s World. They did a SNL Top Ten list touting things like the fact that it’s a live show, which means audience members must remain in their seats.

“And that means you too Kanye West,” Wayne said pointing at the egomaniac.

West pretended to get out of seat and was restrained by security, which would have been funnier if had he not been in on the joke. Garth later antagonized him by suggesting Beck was a better musical guest than Beyonce. They also gave him the #5 spot: “Kayne, sit down!” Unfortunately, this bit will likely only serve to fuel his ego.

They also poked fun at themselves for overused catchphrases and the unnatural poses during the opening credits. Even their boss SNL Producer Lorne Michaels was mocked for being a snooty, aloof bigwig.

At the top of list was the SNL crew, whom they serenaded with their catchphrase “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

The crew was also honored during an In Memoriam piece hosted by Bill Murray.