Ted 2 talking teddy bear plush jersey suit scuba tuxedo wife beater tank top

Ted 2 may have a little star but he’s got a big mouth. Seth MacFarlane voices the foul-mouthed teddy bear for a series of talking plushes by Commonwealth toys. Each plush features 5 phrases from the movie in either clean or explicit rated R versions.

The plushes are available in sizes from 8-inches up to 24-inches but only the 16-inch version features an authentic moving mouth that makes it a must have.

The movie revolves around the stuffed animal fighting for his civil rights in order to legally marry his girlfriend Tammy Lynn (Jessica Barth). The teddy bear usually goes barenaked but he has expanded his wardrobe, presumably in an effort to be accepted as a person.

The plush comes in a variety of outfits featured in the movie including Ted’s tuxedo worn for his wedding, suit for court, tank top AKA wife beater complete with stains, scuba gear with mask, football jersey with a sperm sample from Tom Brady or your favorite player, apron from his short-lived job and, of course, Ted’s birthday suit.

Ted 2 Tammy Lynn talking butt sitting

The Ted 2 toy series features several completely new additions:

The talking Tammy Lynn doll wears a dress allowing you to recreate the hilarious Ted sex scene. Perhaps not surprising, this white trash doll is available only as a rated R version. It seems Tammy Lynn has a quite a dirty mouth, which could mean a Ted 2 sex scene.

The butt-talking Ted plush pulls down his pants and does some ventriloquism via his posterior but he seems to be doing a line from the first movie. This plush has been removed from retailers, which could indicate it was unreleased prototype mis-listed or perhaps the quote simply need to be changed.

The Sitting Ted is perfect for posing without having to prop him up against something. This 14-inch plush also features a moving mouth available in clean and explicit rated R versions.

The toys will be available in time for the movie release in June but pre-order now to avoid the massive backorder experienced with Ted series 1.

Ted 2 phrases:
“Hashtag grrr Mondays.”
“Well yeah, but that was back when she was rowwr, and before she was who-hoa!”
I’m gonna get a huge migraine in the parking lot in about twenty minutes.”
“But we don’t know any lawyers, all our friends make sandwiches.”
“We could totally be lawyers.”