Walking Dead Beth eulogy Rick (Andrew Lincoln) Noah (Tyler James Williams)

AMC has released the first 2 minutes from The Walking Dead mid-season premiere “What Happened and What’s Going On.” The episode opens with Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) giving what appears to be a eulogy for Beth (Emily Kinney) but later revealed to be for Tyreese (Chad Coleman). Rick (Andrew Lincoln) says the group should honor Beth’s promise to help Noah (Tyler James Williams) get home to Virginia. He suggests they considered staying at the walled off community that seems to be a comic book reference to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, which is notable for being the group’s longest and current home. The town’s leader makes Rick a constable and eventually puts him in charge. This is not the Safe-Zone. The group arrives to find the walls have fallen and the community is overrun with zombies, one of which bites Tryeese.

Beth’s death will be particularly difficult on Daryl (Norman Reedus) but there will also be some levity involving Carol (Melissa McBride) according to showrunner Scott Gimple.

“Some moments are fun and even a little funny,” Gimple told TV Guide. “I’m not saying Carol is turning into Zooey Deschanel from New Girl, but there are moments of lightness that are still mixed in with some badassery.”

The Walking Dead premieres Sunday 9PM, Feb 8 on AMC.