Walking Dead Christian Serratos Playboy

The Walking Dead‘s Christian Serratos trades in her tank top and cargo shorts for lingerie in March issue of Playboy. The post-apocalyptic badass says she appreciates tomboys but being a woman “resonates in all worlds.”

“I can be ultrafeminine,” Serratos said. “That’s why I love what Playboy stands for. I love the idea of a woman being a woman.”

The curvy woman looks delicious but it’s not zombies she’s worried about. Serratos says she was traumatized as a child after watching the movie The Sixth Sense. Trips to her grandparents ranch in the middle of nowhere were particularly frightening.

“Haley Joel Osment’s line ‘the ghosts are the prickly thing on the back of your neck’ really kept me up at night,” she said in the video shoot.

See the behind-the-scenes photos on Christian Serratos’ Instagram: kishserratos.