Wolverines 11 Fang Wolverine drunk claws snikt palms

Wolverine’s healing factor might seem like the best superpower until you realize it instantly metabolizes alcohol so he can’t get drunk. That premise is put to the test in Wolverines #11 by writer Charles Soule and artist Ariela Kristantina.

After Wolverine’s death, an old drinking buddy named Fang reminiscences with his clone Laura AKA X-23. A flashback reveals Wolverine could get drunk on space alcohol! Fang took him to a bar located at Knowhere, a space station inside the decapitated head of a giant alien known as a Celestial. They rig up a backpack that continuously delivers a combination of stimulants and hallucinogens. The Canuck starts slurring his speech and using exaggerated vowels and interjections like “eh?”. He eventually becomes agitated and clenches his fist to extend his claws but ends up stabbing himself instead.

Wolverine’s son Daken faced similar difficulty at getting intoxicated in Daken: Dark Wolverine: The Pride Comes Before The Fall. Daken lost his healing factor after becoming addicted to a designer drug called Heat.

Presumably, Laura is also a buzzkill but she does lose control when exposed to a trigger scent that turns her into a killing machine. Fang reveals he planed to use a concentrated version of it on her to make her kill Wolverine’s enemies whom he suspects of being involved in his murder. He ultimately decides to let her choose whether she uses it or not.