Seth Meyers Sesame Street Count This week in numbers vampire

Late Night with Seth Meyers first guest of the night was The Count, Sesame Street‘s number obsessed vampire. The purple people eater delivered a biting bit called “This Week in Numbers.” His victims ranged from the 4 remaining members of the band One Direction to the 127 million Radio Shack customers who had the personal information sold. He even went after his neighbors. The pretentious puppet explained there are 85 residents on Sesame Street but only 1 who counts. Surprisingly, he had he nothing but kind words for April 15 AKA tax day.

“I love taxes!” he declared. “Oh, all those numbers, Seth. 1099, 1044, W-2… mostly the 2 part.”

This Monday, Meyers will return the favor by making a cameo on Sesame Street where he and the Count will list the numerous of ways to say “greetings.”