Conan Obrien goodbye to writer Brian Stack Interrupter

Conan O’Brien paid tribute to writer-actor Brian Stack during his final appearance on Thursday. The host played a supercut featuring some of Stack’s more memorable characters including Clive Clemmons, a heavy metal rocker who would exclaim his catchphrase “inappropriate” in response to inappropriate conversation; Artie Kendall, the ghost of a sexist and racist signer; Frankenstein, who wastes a minute of our time; and Wiki Bear, a talking teddy bear that connects to Wikipedia to reveal disturbing facts.

One character was noticeably missing from the montage but the aptly named Interrupter made a personal appearance despite being an intellectual property owned by NBC.

Conan surmised, “I guess you just figured…”

“It’s my last show so fuck it,” the character interrupted.

The bit ended with Conan turning the tables and interrupting him with some psychoanalysis. He suggested the Interrupter hang up his unwashed costume and go spend time with his family.

“Tonight is my last show with “Conan” after 18 yrs. I’ll always be more grateful than I can say to him and all the other great people here,” Stack tweeted.