Walking Dead Michonne action figure series 6 zombie pets decapitated fish tank katana McFarlane Toys

The Walking Dead says “We can’t go back, Bob.” But McFarlane Toys proves that wrong with the Michonne Flashback Figure based on her debut appearance. The poncho hood gives her a more ominous appearance. It’s removable though she still looks pretty intense underneath.

The 5 inch figure has 24 points of articulation including ab crunch for recreating action poses. There’s also a functioning sheath for Michonne’s katana for those rare times when she’s not kicking butt.

The molding is higly detailed with wrinkled clothes that overlap. Her boots are especially well done with folds and gaps that make them look as if they could come off. The paint job is equally nice. Dirt and blood acclimate down her jeans and her boots look worn to the point of peeling.

Also included are Michonne’s pets… at least their heads. She decapitated them in the episode “Walk With Me.” It was a practical decision says actress Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne.

“Michonne is hyper-vigilant, hyper-aware,” Gurira explained in a behind-the-scenes look. “So the idea of her pets starting to actually draw attention to them. They have to go. It’s just a pragmatic choice. It’s about what do I need to do in this moment to make sure we proceed in the way that I want us to proceed to the next moment.”

The zombie heads can be displayed in your very own Governor fish tank and even that accessory is meticulously painted with smudges, grime and blood stains.

Unfortunately, Michonne does not come with any stand or pegs to use with your own stand but she can easily be balanced for a variety of poses. Perhaps she refuses to grounded to one place like on-screen counterpart early on. So go back to a time before Michonne sold out and hung up her sword for a badge.

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