Minecraft Creeper music video

The Minecraft Creeper is known from blowing up players and their hard-built homes but the plant-like creature turns over a new leaf in the music video for “Minecraft Is for Everyone” by Starbomb and featured on the Egoraptor Youtube channel.

The Creeper goes for a nature walk and admires all the beautiful characters… to blow up! Among them is a pig whom he seems particularlly angry with. Presumably because the Creeper was based on a failed pig model. A player convinces him that the game would be more enjoyable if he didn’t destroy it. The Creeper tries to restrain himself. He even sanitizes his language by using the euphemism “funky bull shrimp” instead of cursing. Ultimately, he can’t change his nature and explodes when his new friend gets too close.

The music video features numerous cameos including Arin Joseph Hanson AKA Egoraptor, Minecraft gamer SlyFoxHound and the video’s animators Studio Yotta & Rubber Ninja (see tumblr pages for more behind-the-scenes art and video). There’s even an appearance by Minecraft creator Markus Alexej Persson AKA Notch, who is quickly dismissed.

“More like nacho song,” the Creeper disses him.