Walking Dead Pudding Can Lunch Tote Carl

Now you can drown your sorrows in pudding just like Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) with The Walking Dead Pudding Can Lunch Tote by The Coop. The troubled teenager devoured a giant can of chocolate pudding in “After.” Following the episode, Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick helped make #pudding a trending topic on Twitter.

“Our approach to any license is to really absorb it, which was easy to do since we are huge followers of The Walking Dead,” said Brandy Tanner, co-owner of The Coop. “By getting to know the show inside and out, we identified unique elements of the property that led us to create some pretty special merchandise… items that represent the license well and pass the all-important loyal fan test.”

Riggs said he “absolutely hated pudding” by the time they were finished shooting the scene but you can but anything inside it. The 7×6-1/2 inch tote is insulated to keep your food cold or warm… perfect for some delicious baby back ribs from Terminus. The tote also has a convenient zipper so you won’t have to worry about finding a can opener during the zombie apocalypse.

ORDER: The Walking Dead Pudding Can Lunch Tote (pudding not included)