Conan origin story Batman Bruce Wayne parents Comic-Con 2015

Hosting at Comic-Con has gone to Conan O’Brien’s head. He implanted himself into multiple superhero origin stories complete with flashbacks.

The Green Lantern origin has Conan picking up a shiny quarter instead of taking the power ring from the dead alien, Abin Sur. The Batman origin has infamous mugger, Joe Chill, mistaking Conan’s parents for Bruce Wayne’s parents. Fortunately, the little scamp points him in the right direction. The Hulk origin has a Conan being irradiated by a hilarity bomb that makes him “5,000 times funnier than Louis C.K. and Amy Schumer combined” but also permanently makes his hair stick up.

“That day a new man was born,” Conan narrates. “I would no longer go by the name Chip Whitley. From that day forward I would be Conan O’Brien!”

Andy Richter called him out on his tall tales and recounts a slightly less tragic origin story.

“You were working on The Simpsons and then Letterman left. And you just auditioned to take his job,” Richter explained.

Nevertheless, the end result is the same said Conan, who let out a supervillain laugh.

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