The Flaming C episode 1 car Conan Comic-Con

Conan O’Brien revived his alter ego The Flaming C at Comi-Con. The patchwork superhero was created by DC Comics artist Bruce Timm and originally featured in edited clips of the Cartoon Network series Young Justice. The Flaming C Returns is animated by Mark Marek whose distinctive style you may recognize from the Henry and June segments on the Nickelodeon series KaBlam!

The Flaming C (Conan) faces off against the toilet tycoon Anton Pisth (Andy Richter) but not in this episode because there’s not time the superhero explains breaking the fourth wall. Pisth creates a talking toliet named Bowltron #1 (Richter) to suck out the brain of the President (Jon Glaser). The Flaming C and his intern Rachel (Ellie Kemper) must search the multiverse for the missing brain with the help of R.A.N.D.Y., a not-so supercomputer that uses 8-bit graphics and speaks in the slow, lethargic voice of comedian Steven Wright.

Future Bowltrons are voiced by writer Brian Stack, who left the show in a grand farewell in April.

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