Discovery Channel Shark Week Ninja Sharks Jabberjaw

Discovery channel is kicking tail this year. Shark Week: Ninja Sharks examines the deadly skills of six sharks including the oceanic whitetip shark, which has “evolved the patience of a zen warrior.” The oceanic whitetip lives in barren desert-like areas of the ocean. It conserves energy by gliding on its large pectoral fins.

The great white shark may get the glory but the relatively small oceanic whitetip is the real man-eater of the ocean. It’s an opportunistic feeder that’s notorious for feeding on shipwreck survivors. The most infamous incident involves the sinking of the USS Indianapolis by the Japanese submarine I-58. The survivors succumbed primarily due to conditions in the water but an estimated 150 deaths were attributed to oceanic whitetip sharks. It remains the deadliest shark attack ever recorded.

“They are the only species of shark that is never frightened by the approach of a diver, and they are the most dangerous of all sharks,” said famed French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.

Shark Week: Ninja Sharks premieres July 8, Wednesday 10PM on Discovery.