Female Ghostbusters proton pack and uniform flight suit screenwriter Paul Feig
Screenwriter Paul Feig tweeted new Ghostbusters uniforms and proton pack with the hashtags #whatyougonnawear and #whatyougonnashoot.

The Ghostbusters are getting a makeover. Screenwriter Paul Feig tweeted pictures of new a proton pack and uniforms designed for the all-female cast: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. They have several notable differences from those featured in the original Ghostbusters (pictured below). The uniforms no longer resemble flight suits but rather have stripes reminiscent of firefighter uniforms, which makes sense since the original team used a firehouse as their headquarters. The ghost busting proton packs still have that homemade, steampunk feel but the nuclear hazard symbol has been accessorized the a heart stick.

Original Ghostbusters uniform flight suit proton pack

The new look is already a hit with kids. Fangirl Mirabelle Silva took a picture of herself cosplaying a female Ghostbuster, which was rewtweeted by Feig.

Hopefully, Feig’s next tweet will be a pair of oversized glasses for Chris Hemsworth, who plays the Ghostbusters’ secretary (#whatyougonnaprescribe).

Ghostbusters released date: July 22, 2016