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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ended Tuesday with the host being asked by Larry Wilmore how he was spending his last two weeks. It got awkward when Wilmore revealed he wasn’t talking about Stewart’s retirement. Stewart subsequently made an appearance on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore as Senior Black Correspondent. Wilmore said it was payback for when he held the dubious job title on The Daily Show. The segment started by examining the new “don’t care” attitude of outgoing President Barack Obama. Wilmore said that Stewart is in the same boat and dubbed him Senior “Don’t Give A S##t Anymore” Correspondent, which he demonstrated by knocking back a cold one and pretending to be high.

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Stewart was asked about his recently reported secret meetings with the President at the White House during the 2011 budget battle and Russian invasion of Ukraine. The implication being that Stewart would then be a spokesman for the administration on his show. When asked specifically what he did at the White House, Stewart said “hang out, eat nachos, watch King Ralph (the 1991 film starring John Goodman).” Stewart rejected claims that he was being used as a mouthpiece because he frequently criticizes the administration. “I’m pretty sure I was there because he’s run out of people to watch King Ralph with,” Stewart added. On the other hand, his secret bestie did abuse his power. Obama issued an executive order putting the kibosh on Stewart’s retirement.