Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram game

If you thought Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure was poorly animated, wait until you play Rick and Morty Rickstaverse. It’s not animated at all! This innovative Instagram game uses image galleries to create larger images. Tap the individual images and follow the image tags to explore the universe according to Rick AKA the Ricktaverse. It’s filled with new & old characters like King Jellybean, who was killed during the attempted rape of Morty in “Meeseeks and Destroy.”

“Relax, Morty,” Rick tells his understandably worried grandson in a promo. “None of this canon. It’s just for fun.”

Find collectibles, comics, and exclusive clips. Most of the squares are empty but Rick is contractually obligated to comment on even the most boring things.

“There are HUNDREDS of better squares to click other than this one,” he chides you. “Maybe take some time to consider the choice you’ve made.”

Find a Meeseeks Box to warp you to two collectibles. The big button that activates it is clearly located in the center square of the image gallery and if you click else Mr. Meeseeks will become progressively agitated as he exists only to fulfill his purpose then die. Fortunately, Mr. Meeseeks can take a break. All the collectibles are conveniently listed below… AND AWAY WE GO!

Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram game Jerrygotchi

The coolest find is a game within a game called Jerrygotchi. It’s a parody of Tamagotchi, a Japanese game that allows you to raise a virtual pet, in this case it’s Rick’s son-in-law, Jerry.

“Turns out Jerry’s brainpower has about the same computational power as an LCD game,” Rick explains.

Virtually every option ends badly for Jerry…just like in the show! The only exception is reorganizing cables for the entertainment system. The task makes him feel secure in his manhood as illustrated by a bulge in his pixellated pants. It’s also one of the activities he performs in the upcoming episode “Mortynight Run,” in which Jerry gets dropped off at a daddy daycare built just for Jerry and his alternate timeline counterparts.

Jerrygotchi work edition
Jerrygotchi cooking edition
Jerrygotchi leisure edition

Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram game Bang Box Sex Robot Snuffles

Alien Bang Box lets you to see how aliens procreate with everything from humans to other aliens. While there’s no nudity, it’s still pretty disturbing. The Zigerion has his four hands full. He’s overwhelmed by a naked woman and Gwendolyn the Sex Robot featured in “Raising Gazorpazorp.” The only action he sees isn’t by choice. The alien is mounted by one of Snuffles’ cyborg dog soldiers from “Lawnmower Dog.”

Bang Box:
Bird Person

Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram game One True Morty comic strip

Rick and Morty often meet their counterparts in alternate timelines. The one constant seems to be that Rick is always getting Morty into trouble but in one of those universes, Morty rejects Rick. He becomes a messianic figure known as the One True Morty. The only sure-fire way to make Rick keep his distance is masturbating constantly! The other Mortys attempt to follow their leader’s teaching with varying success.

One True Morty comic strips:
Crystal Not!
Door to Destruction
Your Holy Hole
Unidle Hands

Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram game N33DFUL TH1NG comic strip

N33DFUL TH1NG is that must-have gadget that you really don’t need. See the downside of consumerism in this comic strip featuring popular products like a parody of the Nintendo 3DS. The N33dtendo 4DS is so engrossing you may lose track of time to the point you run out of time!

N33DFUL TH1NG comic strip:
Asniizo toy
N33dtendo 4DS
Fat Bit watch
XL TuffCase phone

Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram game Garblovian

Garblovian Bootleggers give you exclusive clips from season 2. There are five of these shady characters scattered around the universe. Not all of them are unlocked so keep checking back for updates.

Garblovian Bootleggers:
Flippy Dipper
Ploopy Droops
Dempy Pewbus
Crangle Dan
Glompy Plompers

Ball Fondlers

If you don’t have or can’t use a smartphone or tablet, download the Android Emulator Bluestacks to set up an Instagram account on your PC.

Rick and Morty season 2 premieres July 26, Sunday 11:30PM on Adult Swim / Cartoon Network.