Rick and Morty toy commercial Snuffles dog Adult Swim

Adult Swim is playing with people’s hearts in a toy commercial for Rick and Morty. The action figure set includes the entire dysfunctional family…even the family dog Snuffles, who enslaves mankind after gaining sentience from one of Rick’s inventions in “Lawnmower Dog.” It’s a doggone shame that they’re just a clever promotion for the new season.

“Rick and Morty licensed action figure sets sold separately*,” reads the commercial disclaimer. “*by which means, not actually sold at all.”

The camera pans out to aliens couch potatoes questioning the validity of the commercial. The camera then reveals Rick and Morty, who completely break the fourth wall. They call the costly advertisement “overkill” unlike their video game Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure, which they ridiculed for living up to its name.

Rick and Morty season 2 premieres July 26, Sunday 11:30PM on Adult Swim / Cartoon Network

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