Conan kisses Patrick Stewart on the lips

Conan O’Brien got intimate with guest Patrick Stewart, who re-enacted his kiss with super friend Ian McKellen at the premiere of Mr. Holmes. Their lip-lock was accentuated with cartoon hearts floating around them. Stewart insisted it wasn’t sexual but he was apparently sending mixed signals. Conan described the kiss as passionate and said he would go back for seconds.

“Why is it unacceptable for heterosexual men to kiss each other on the lips?” he asked. “I say it should be commonplace.”

Stewart recounted another awkward moment with McKellen during their performance of the play No Man’s Land. The stage curtain went up while McKellen was miming how he applies his own catheter with Stewart intently looking at his crotch.

“And I think that Harold Pinter would have loved that moment. May he rest in peace,” the star said about the playwright.

Stewart was on the show to promote his new series Blunt Talk produced by Seth MacFarlane. He plays British newscaster Walter Blunt, who is also a free spirit. Blunt must repair his image after being arrested for solicitation of an underage prostitute, driving under the influence and assault on an officer’s testicles.

Blunt Talk premieres September 22, Saturday 9PM on Starz.