Doctor Who Mission DALEK story contest Master Missy Michelle Gomez

The BBC is running a Doctor Who fan fiction contest open to Whovians everywhere but there’s a catch. To paraphrase the Doctor: the prizes are bigger on the other side of the pond. U.K. winners will have their work featured on the BBC website and meet with the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi). Everyone else will be competing for a follow from the official Doctor Who twitter feed.

To help keep your story canonical use the clues featured in the Doctor’s 2,000 year diary. It reveals the Doctor will travel to a pocket universe, encounter the female Master Missy (Michelle Gomez), rock and roll on the guitar and build a new sonic screwdriver. The Time Lord goes from being lost in space and time to ending up with the Daleks in the season premiere “The Magician’s Apprentice.”

Your submission should be a digital story told visually including art, animation and video. BBC is actually encouraging contestants to use clips and audio from the show but only via the Doctor Who Asset Packs. No copyright infringement, you pudding brains!

Sumbit your entry by uploading it to any social media platform and emailing a link to [email protected] by September 9. See official rules and get tips on storytelling at