Tobias is the nerd of Fear the Walking Dead. The high school student is smart, anti-social and husky. He’s teen Eugene! It’s a dream role says Lincoln A. Castellanos, who was actually reading The Walking Dead comic book long before he auditioned unlike most actors. Frank Dillane admits he never even watched the show before landing the lead role of Nick.

Castellanos could be about to wake up from his dream. He’s only listed in two episodes concluding this week in “So Close, Yet So Far.” The actor shared a foreboding picture on Instagram captioned “Straight Outta Knives” parodying the movie Straight Outta Compton. Tobias carried a knife for protection from the zombies but it was taken away by his guidance counselor, Madison (Kim Dickens), in the pilot episode.

Fear the Walking Dead Tobias Lincoln A. Castellanos

Tobias insists it’s “safer in numbers” but not if your allies are just as brainless as the zombies. Madison calls out her clearly zombified Principal (Scott Lawrence) while gathering supplies with Tobias in a preview clip. Unlike Castellanos though, Lawrence is listed in all 6 episodes this season. That doesn’t bode well for the unarmed teen.

Castellanos hasn’t explicitly said anything about his own character’s inevitable demise but he has made some predictions for his fellow cast members.

“Based on what I’ve seen from, only what I’ve seen in trailers and clips and everything, I think Travis and Madison are gonna do just fine,” Castellanos told ComicBook. “I think it’s Alicia who has a chance of getting overwhelmed by it. She’s such an over-acheiver and she’s so focused on her own things education-wise and school-wise. She’s very much in her own world, rightfully so. I think that could be a problem for her when she does face these “effected” as they’re gonna be called in the show. Nick knows about it. He’s the first one to see it. So, I think just off of that, the way he is as a person, with his addiction and always on the run and in constant need of something to move him, I think he’ll be just fine. And he’s seen it but Alicia doesn’t wanna believe any of that. She rolls her eyes and Madison, too, but luckily with Madison she had Tobias to, kind of, warn her. I would say, Alicia should be on the lookout.”

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday 9PM on AMC.