Halle Berry bra Jimmy Kimme

Jimmy Kimmel ogled guest Halle Berry in a sheer top showing off her filled out bra, which itself was partially see-through. The near birthday suit was appropriate attire for Berry, who turned 49 last week but with little fanfare. The actress revealed she doesn’t do birthday parties. She went so far as to ditch a surprise party to teach her friends a lesson for ignoring her wishes.

The sexy star disclosed she was a marching band geek like Kimmel. The host noted that his high school experience was undoubtedly different because he played the very unsexy clarinet. Berry confirmed that size matters when it comes to instruments.

“The sax was the sexiest wind instrument. Maybe it’s the shape of it, the way it hangs,” she told Kimmel, who pointed out the clarinet’s phallic shape. “The sax is bigger. It’s wrapped up.”

Berry’s beautiful face was inexplicably covered when she was made the band mascot. The costume may have protected her from the Sun’s harmful ray but Kimmel thinks he knows the real reason for her youthful skin.

“I think having no birthdays has really helped you,” he joked.