Street Fighter Bonus Stage parody calls cops racist Ken Dee Jay Animation Domination High-Def

Video game violence gets a little too real in a Street Fighter parody by Animation Domination High-Def. Ken and Dee Jay demolish a car in the bonus stage until police respond to the apparent vandalism. Dee Jay assures them that have obtained the proper permit to destroy the car, which they own. The cops have no interest in listening to reason but only tell the black man to get on the ground. They shoot the clearly unarmed man in the back, then plant a gun on him.

It’s obviously intended to support the narrative that there is an epidemic of racist cops shooting unarmed black men including Walter Scott and Samuel Dubose. In both cases, the officers were fired and indicted for murder. The most infamous incident involving Michael Brown was ultimately disproven but the “Hands up, don’t shoot” slogan persists.

There have been a rash of attacks on police in response to the perceived injustice. The poorly timed video was release just days after the funeral for Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth, who was shot in the back while pumping gas. But it’s unlikely we’ll see that side of the story get told.

The timing of the release isn’t an unfortunate coincidence. Animation Domination High-Def releases timely commentaries on both their YouTube channel and television program. They mocked Americans for being fat and stupid in a Captain America theme song released on the Fourth of July.

The parody isn’t just offensive. It’s not funny. At the very least, they should have used the black character Balrog, who wears boxing gloves and therefore is incapable of using a firearm. The joke fell flat even among its mostly young, liberal audience who called out the humorless propaganda in the comments section.