Sideshow Bob kills Bart in Simpsons Treehouse of Horror 26 lion

Bart Simpson is in for a trick in the Simpsons Halloween episode “Treehouse of Horror XXVI.” Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammer) finally kills Bart in the first tale “Wanted: Dead, Then Alive.” Fear not, it’s not a canonical death. The criminal mastermind dreams up imaginative ways to kill Bart set to “Accidents Will Happen” by Elvis Costello. But this dream come true may become a nightmare for Sideshow Bob, who executive producer compares to the Coyote in Looney Tunes cartoons.

“You never saw the Road Runner lose. This time you do,” executive producer Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly. “His whole life has just been about killing Bart, so what’s next? We deal with how Bob would really feel once he accomplished this goal he’s had his whole life.”

Bart even gets killed in the opening couch gag by Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi whose work Jean decribes as a “twisted homage to Hanna-Barbera.” Kricfalusi’s students did the inbetween animation but key frames were all him. Marge gets a nose full when Homer shoves his rear in her face.

“There’s a lot of butt cracks in the freeze-frame,” told Yahoo TV. “I don’t know if you call that an Easter egg.”

Bart’s Halloween costume faithfully recreates those worn by Jean, who recalls having to wearing inaccurately colored plastic masks and shirts with the character on it in order to be recognizable.

“I had a Hulk costume as a kid, with a picture of the Hulk on the chest,” Jean explained. “And I was like, ‘But the Hulk doesn’t have his own picture on his chest!’”

Bart goes trick or treating by the gravestone Frank Grimes AKA “Grimey.” The short-lived character accidentally killed himself while mocking Homer’s irresponsible behavior at the nuclear power plant in his debut episode “Homer’s Enemy.” Zombie Grimey returns for revenge against the Simpsons. He peels Bart like a banana and eats his soul before dining on the main course.

Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror XXVI” premieres October 25, Sunday 8PM on Fox.