Walking Dead cartoons for intellectuals and fanboys Rick Carl zombie

The Walking Dead has something for everyone. A compelling story that’s rich with social commentary and provides for deep analysis by critics…and gratutious violence for the rest of us. Animation Domination High-Def gives each demographic their own version of the show.

The Allegorical Walking Dead examines whether the zombies represent overpopulation, droves of unemployed seeking the same job or one the seemingly endless tedious tasks in everyday life. Rick and Carl are unsure of the answer and they decide to “kill some metaphors.” And while Glenn declares that he’s has managed to overcome racial stereotypes, Michonne has had less success. She summarizes her identity: “I’m a black chick with a sword.”

What Everyone Wants From the Walking Dead is a wishful Tumblr list that sees the return of the Ricktatorship. Rick lays down the law and murders anyone who gets in his way, including his own son. No matter how bad it gets Daryl blindly stands by his man in what becomes a yaoi fanfic.

Of course, this is pure fantasy. Daryl and Glenn will actually become a couple in season 7. Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus held hands as they revealed their characters’ love story on Conan last year.