Midas Commercial: Man does donuts in parking lot. “Professional driver on a closed course. Do not attempt.”

Hyundai Elantra Commercial: Car drives inside giant watch or prehaps tiny car drive inside regular sized watch either you’re not likely to replicate this clearly CG animation. “Fantasy. Do not attempt.”

Lexus Commercial: Remote control car drifts precariously on ledge. “Dramatization. Does not depict actual driving performance. In real life, always use safe driving practices.”

Mercedes-Benz Commercial: Cars drive at each other then crisscross at the last moment. “Professional drivers on closed course. Do not attempt.”

Acura ILX Commercial: Man goes out into storm and literally catches lightning in a bottle. “Do not attempt.”

Esurance Commercial: Lindsay Lohan crashes into school bus stop. “Do not attempt. Closed course.”

Esurance Commercial: Stunt driver fills in for valet. He hits ramp and doe car ski. “Professional driver. Do not attempt.”

Esurance Commercial: Pageant queen operates construction crane. “Do not attempt.”

Farmers Insurance Commercial: Out of control car rolls down hill into other cars, chandeliers and a falling piano. “No one was harmed during the filming of this commercial. Always use your emergency brake on a slope.”

UnitedHealthcare Commercial: Man punches meat like Rocky but it’s frozen and he breaks his hand. “Do not attempt.”

Bank of America Commercial: Acrobat family jumps through flaming hoops at circus. “Professional stunt. Do not attempt.”

TD Bank Commercial: Man held hostage breaks free. He smash through window then runs over car roof until he smash into windshield all in order to make it to a bank before it closes. “Do not attempt.” (online version no disclaimer)

Progressive Insurance Commercial: Rate suckers jump on car and latch on with their mouths. “Professional stunt. Do not attempt.”

Fairfield Inn Commercial: Man runs while juggling! “Professional. Do not attempt.”

Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2015