Batman v Superman Henry Cavill nude Seth Meyers

Forget a phone booth, Superman is in desperate need of a bathroom. Henry Cavill says he had the costume redesigned for functionality in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unlike his comic book counterpart, it would take Cavill up to 20 minutes to get changed.

“The first suit was great,” the actor explained on Late Night with Seth Myers. “I loved it but just creatively I would really like to pee this time. Whenever I choose.”

Perhaps that’s why Cavill sleeps in the nude but his birthday suit didn’t help when he was accidentally locked out of his hotel room during a trip to the bathroom. He reacted more like Batman than Superman.

“I ran up the fire escape to the roof…” Cavill recounted. “I just peed off the top of the hotel. I felt like a little boy again,” he laughed.

Cavill eventually made his way to the front desk but the receptionist didn’t give look up. Going unnoticed is apparently his real-life superpower. Cavill posted an Instagram video of himself posing in front of movie posters to demonstrate the plausibility of Clark Kent’s glasses as a disguise.