Hannah Davis poses like a Mermaid for Maxim

Hannah Davis believes there’s no such thing as bad publicity for a model. She addresses her infamous crotch flash on the cover of Sports Illustrated in the March issue of Maxim.

“That will be every year with the cover,” Hannah explained. “They’ll say, ‘It was photoshopped too much, or those aren’t her real boobs, or those aren’t her real arms.’ Look, if they weren’t talking about it, I’d be concerned. I’d say, ‘What did we do wrong?’ ”

Hannah is keeping the conversation going. This time it’s her top that’s disappearing. She posed practically topless in a micro bikini top that barely covered the busty babe. Hannah received “harsh criticism” for her curves and says she was on the verge of quitting modeling until Sports Illustrated called.

Hannah might be curvy for a model but she is extremely fit. She was very athletic growing up and only started modeling to pay for tennis lessons. Fortunately for us, she decided to focus on her modeling career.

“I didn’t want to be mediocre at everything, rather than just picking one thing and working really hard at that,” she commented.

Modeling hasn’t stop her stop active lifestyle, which is still in full swing. Hannah chose to conduct her interview during a trapeze class at Long Island City’s Circus Warehouse. The lesson climaxed with her hanging from silk straps and arching her back in what is known as a mermaid pose. Regretfully, much like the an actual mermaid there are no photos or video. Hopefully, Hannah will post some behind-the-scenes stuff on her Instragram account.

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