Game of Thrones Arya vs Waif Terminator parody terminatrix Faye Marsay

Game of Thrones‘ most underrated badass, Waif (Faye Marsay), meets her demise at the hands of Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) in the aptly named episode “No One.” Arya is targeted for termination by the Faceless Men for not following her orders to assassinate Lady Crane (Essie Davis). Jaqen H’ghar (Tom Wlaschiha) tells Waif not to let Arya suffer but this terminator has other plans. Waif tracks down Arya whom she repeatedly stabbed in the previous episode “The Broken Man.” She stands over Lady Crane’s broken body and blames violent death on Arya for not poisoning her as commanded.

“The Many-Faced God was promised a name. He must always receive what is his. You can’t change that. I can’t change that. No one can,” she explains. The statement is unintentionally prophetic as the cult members refer to themselves as “no one.”

The Waif is as relentless as the Terminator, she even looks the part as she chases her target. She has a determined look in her eyes and pumps her arms in a manner reminiscent of the T-1000 in Terminator 2.

Arya leads Waif into a candle-light room then turns out the lights, giving her the advantage. She learned to fight without her sight while temporarily blinded by Faceless Men as punishment for taking her revenge on Meryn Trant (Ian Beattie) for presumably killing her sword-fighting teacher Syriol Forel (Miltos Yerolemou). Waif sparred with the blind girl everyday until she was forgiven and her sight restored. Arya returns victorious to the temple Many-Faced God temple, the House of Black and White. In the Hall of Faces hangs Waif’s face with her eyes gouged out as a fitting revenge. You can almost hear Waif warning “I’ll be back.” Game of Thrones loves to bring characters back from dead. Whether or not the Faceless Men will don her face as a disguise “no one” can tell.