Naruto Shippuuden 463 Sexy Jutsu Reverse Harem The No 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja

Naruto Shippuden reaches its exciting climax in “The No. 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja.” The Fourth Shinobi World War is revealed to be a scheme to resurrect Kaguya, a god-like alien who is the mother of all chakra used in ninjutsu. Kaguya intends to take back her chakra from mankind and feed their bodies to the God’s Tree to create an undead army of creatures known as White Zetsu. The only ones capable of stopping her are Naruto and Sasuke, the latest reincarnation of Kaguya’s sons who sealed her away thousands of years ago. They can’t manage to get close enough to her so Naruto tries to create an opening by using “that” jutsu. He’s been practicing it even more than his powerful energy blast attack, Rasengan. Naruto surrounds Kaguya with shadow clones that transform into naked men! The new Sexy Jutsu is dubbed Reverse Harem as opposed to the usual harem of women.

Naruto Shippuuden 463 Sexy Jutsu Reverse Harem Sakura nosebleed The No 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja

The silly strategy is doomed to fail against a goddess insists Sakura despite her own prominent nosebleed demonstrating its effectiveness on her. To Sakura’s surprise, it distracts Kaguya long enough for Naruto to land a punch on the seemingly untouchable opponent. Unfortunately, Sexy Jutsu does not decide the fate of the world. Kaguya quickly recovers and teleports Sasuke to another dimension in order to prevent them from sealing her away.

Naruto manga 347 Sexy Jutsu Sasuke Sai Yaoi

This isn’t the first time the Sexy Jutsu has featured men. Sakura expressed similar concerns about the dubious ninjutsu in the Naruto manga Chapter 347. She argues that the technique’s design flaw is that it only works on men. Naruto’s apprentice, Konohamaru, proves her wrong by performing a yaoi (boy on boy) variation with her love interest Sasuke and Sai embracing each other. Sakura’s nose bleeds as she cheers them on. She comes to her senses only after Naruto forces Konohamaru put an end to the disturbing image.

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