Sharknado 4 The 4th Awakens trailer teaser

Sharknado 4 is inundated with hunks including male strippers exposes the revealing trailer. A dancer steals the show using pelvic thrusts as shark repellent. Could be the sequel to the Syfy movie Lake Placid vs. Anaconda? Sharknado vs. MANaconda.

Sharknado 4 stripper vs shark

This might seem like a low blow even for Sharknado but the franchise is going to new heights…literally! The sequel is set in Las Vegas at the Stratosphere hotel, which holds the Guinness World Record for having the highest amusement rides in the world. The sharks will undoubtedly find their way on to the rides just as they did in Sharknado 3, which was set in Universal Orlando Resort. The Stratosphere also has the tallest observation tower in the United States. It was notably used as the home of the archangel Michael in the Syfy series Dominion.

Sharknado 4 will up the ante from the previous film in which sharknados combined on the east coast to form a sharkicane. The movie poster displays the Golden Sate Bridge with a Cownado that evidently combines with the Sharknado in Vegas. The phenomenon seems to stretch beyond the west coast as Stacey Dash (Clueless) makes a cameo as the Mayor of Chicago. There are also cameos by MMA fighter Frank Mir, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Jay DeMarcus of the Rascal Flatts working at the Shark World hotel, seemingly a reference to SeaWorld.

The story is set five years in the future and will reveal the fan-voted fate of April Wexler (Tara Reid). The cliffhanger ending had April about to be hit a piece of the space shuttle. Odds are she survived given her prominence in the poster and the introduction of her father portrayed by Gary Busey. It will also introduce Cheryl Tiegs as Raye, the grandmother of Claudia (Ryan Newman) and very young mother of Fin (Ian Ziering). David Hasselhoff returns as Fin’s father Gil along with the newest addition to the family, Gil’s grandson Little Gil, played by twins Christopher and Nicholas Shone.

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens premiere on July 31 at 8/7c.