Batman v Superman parody cats Batcat v Supercat

DC Comics superheroes have another catfight in Batcat v Supercat, the latest feline film from Kaipo Jones (Wolverine cat and Cyclops cat). Filming started months before the release of Batman v Superman, which Jones admits he still hasn’t seen. The short film focuses on the premise of unchecked superpowers leading to catastrophe.

Supercat destroys Metropolis while following a Kryptonite green laser pointer controlled by the Dark Kitten. The sourpuss sends him to Arkham Catsylum to declaw his rogues gallery including cat versions of Mr. Freeze, Riddler and the Joker.

There are “20-ish” Easter eggs such as Wonder Woman’s invisible jet (38 second mark) and 4 riddles that will earn self-congratulatory prize if you can solve them all.