Gay Zombies Canada LGBT Pride Parade

Zombie camouflage doesn’t just work on The Walking Dead. Anti-gay Christian activists disguised themselves as “gay zombies” to infiltrate a LGBT Pride Parade in Toronto, Canada.

“Sadly, in order to deliver this much needed truth he had to disguise himself as a ‘gay’ zombie because the parade was too intolerant to accept him as an “out of the closet” Christian man who speaks the truth about homosexuality,” organizer Bill Whatcott justified the deceit on his website Free North America.

The so-called “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association” disseminated 3,000 “Zombie Safe Sex” pamphlets (1, 2). The sole advice is to abstain from homosexuality due to its high prevalence of HPV and other STDs that are “almost exclusively homosexual in nature.” The propaganda also implies that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a gay. A photo of man’s mouth covered in genital warts is juxtaposed with a slack-jawed Trudeau, who is described as a “chronic attendee of homosexual pride parades.” Trudeau made history this year as the first Prime Minister to march in the parade, though he has participated prior to his election.

The gay zombies may have bitten off more than they can chew. Whatcott was found guilty of violating hate speech laws in 2013 for disseminating similar flyers titled “Sodomites in our Public Schools” and “Keep Homosexuality out of Saskatoon’s Public Schools!”

“We also believe that for sodomites and lesbians who want to remain in their lifestyle and proselytize vulnerable young people that civil law should discriminate against them,” the latter flyer declares.