Late Show Stephen Colbert Pokemon Trobgobs Prawnquistador Gimpapotamus

Pokemon Go has a rabid fanbase and Stephen Colbert wants to catch them all. The Late Show host debuted his own version of the augmented reality game dubbed Trobgobs for Trouser Goblins. All week the show will feature “collectible creatures” like Prawnquistador and Gimpapotamus. It’s the perfect game for couch potatoes unlike Pokemon Go, which has led gamers to suffer from more than just sore feet.

“It has revolutionized the way people almost get hit by cars while staring at their phones,” Colbert tweeted.

Would-be Trobgobs trainers should take a screen capture and tweet @StephenAtHome with the hashtag #Trobgobs.

“Maybe something will happen if you do that,” Colbert speculated. “I don’t know we just started.”