Stranger Things in Charlie Brown Christmas special
Good grief, Will Byers. A Stranger Things parody reimagines Will as everyone’s favorite underdog in A Charlie Brown Christmas. He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being rescued from the Upside Down dimension. He is consoled by his friends who also roleplay other Peanuts characters. Dustin fills in for wise man Linus. He advises Will to pay a visit to the psychiatric booth fittingly manned by the psychic Eleven. El simply recommends Eggos, which is as good as any prescription ever given by Lucy. But there’s no escaping his depression, particularly when the Demogorgon monster is still causing shenanigans à la Snoopy.

Will eventually overcomes his depression with the realization that he can count on his friends.

“That’s what happiness is all about in the end,” Will explains. “The people who truly care about you. The folks who would do anything to get you out of a creepy parallel swamp universe.”

The same can’t be said for Barb, who was a bit of a wallflower not unlike Marcie. Her disappearance went virtually unnoticed by the town and she ended up slug food.

Barb got justice in a deleted scene debuted on Jimmy Fallon. She saved herself by making a deal with the Demogorgon for Will.