Walking Dead TV The Governor Room Construction Set McFarlane Toys
This Halloween, McFarlane Toys is treating 2 lucky winners to a tricked out mega pack of Walking Dead building sets valued at a total of $165. The pack features 7 different sets featured in seasons 3 & 4. Recreate iconic scenes from the Prison and the Governor’s Room of zombie heads in fish tanks. The sets come with zombie figures as well as Rick, Hershel, Merle, Daryl, the Governor, Penny and Lori . . . or at least the Gorged Walker that ate her!

Mega pack:

Prison Tower and Gate – $49.99
Prison Tower – $39.99
Prison Catwalk – $24.98
Prison Boiler Room – $14.99
The Governor’s Room – $14.99
Merle & Daryl Arena Figure Pack – $9.99
Figure Pack 1 – $9.99

Claim yours by leaving a comment on TheWalkingDead.com by October 30th, 2016 (U.S. residents).
With 2 winners and just over 600 comments, current odds of winning are 1 in 300.